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Bubble Tea is the Best Kind of Tea

PSA: I LOVE BUBBLE TEA. Bubble Tea is probably one of my favorite drinks in the world! Sadly, where I live there isn't any places that sells bubble tea. When I went to Texas for Spring Break, I made sure we got Bubble Tea. We had it every single day for a whole week. We… Continue reading Bubble Tea is the Best Kind of Tea

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Sweet Paris Crêperie & Cafe

Disclaimer: I had another blog previously where I published some blog posts. I have decided to take those blog posts and publish them on this blog. This blog is my current active blog. I am not stealing these posts. For Spring Break last year, my family and I went to Houston, Texas to visit my… Continue reading Sweet Paris Crêperie & Cafe

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GOT7 World Tour

This past Sunday, February 4th, GOT7 has announced they will be doing a world tour. Exact Dates have not officially announced. The video includes a range of dates where they will be in a country. https://twitter.com/GOT7Official/status/960176901582016512 I am excited for this tour and hope their concert will be at a venue near me. GOT7 is… Continue reading GOT7 World Tour

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Letter to Jonghyun: You Did Well

I realize in my last blog post about Jonghyun that I didn't express my emotions and feelings but rather explained how his death has effected us all. So here is my letter to Jonghyun. Sorry if everything seems scattered, I honestly just can't believe he is really gone. I'm having a hard time collecting my thoughts… Continue reading Letter to Jonghyun: You Did Well